Vision, Mission and Values

Many hours are spent in meetings, offsite retreats, and coffee conversations talking through vision, mission and values. And so often the results are less than stunning. Here are some ideas to make your process and the results more productive.

  1. VISION is a word picture of a future reality you see your ministry helping to create. The perfect vision is “the land of milk and honey.” Close your eyes. Vision it.
  2. MISSION is the role your ministry will play in achieving the vision. Seeing mission this way can make creating that “mission statement” a lot easier to communicate.
  3. VALUES are a list of tests you will always be able to apply to future decisions you will make as a ministry leader. Every big decision should score high against your values. If that’s not the case, then your decision process isn’t working or you don’t really care about that value as much as you thought you did.

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