You are who they say you are

Your brand is who people say you are. If you say who you are clearly and directly, people are more likely to remember what you say. If your self-description is focused rather than diffused, people are more likely to remember what you do or strive to do as well. Here is an example to think about…

“XYZ Ministry is a multifaceted charitable outreach dedicated to fighting the ravages of HIV/AIDS and poverty in Africa by providing a variety of services to individuals, families and communities.”

  • How big is this organization? – If it’s “multifaceted” and covers “HIV/AIDS and poverty in Africa,” it must be very large. Right? Turns out it’s not large; it’s very small. This may lead to viewers questioning what they can believe about what the group says about itself. Your opening statement isn’t the place to go over the top about your personal enthusiasm for what your ministry has decided to take on as its cause.
  • How much do you know specifically about what they do? – Not much. I can grab onto “HIV/AIDS and poverty in Africa,” but I don’t get how this group fits into the larger universe of helping organizations working on these issues.
  • What do you learn about the results they produce? – Nothing. It would be better to see something that lets us know that they actually have achieved results. Otherwise, they may be a start-up with no track record, just intentions and dedication. It turns out this ministry is very successful in its focused role as a helping organization to local, African leaders caring for HIV/AIDS sufferers and families.
A better way…
“XYZ Ministry is transforming the lives of HIV/AIDS kids and families in rural Malawi by helping local leaders care for their own.”
This makes you want to read more. You still don’t know much about the organization, but you can much more easily visualize what they’re doing and where they’re doing it. And it’s clear they are doing good. They’re not just wishing.

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