The rules of marketing, part 1

Red maple leafIt was inevitable that sooner or later I’d write about marketing “rules.” Everyone else does. My instinct is to stay away from defining rules, because they usually prove you wrong down the road. Maybe the first rule of marketing is to remain adaptive. If marketing is all about how your ministry relates to its environment…at least that’s one way to look at marketing…then remaining adaptive is the only path to sustainability. If the market moves on or changes in some fundamental way, or through a kind of mutation becomes more segmented and therefore more complex, and you don’t adapt, well, you will begin to atrophy. Growth will stop and you will decline. Don’t let that happen. Approach every new season with a new curiosity about how things have changed. Not whether they’ve changed, but how they’ve changed. Take some time each year or quarter or milestone moment to look around and ask, “How are things different now from what they were before?”

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