I sure do agree that any ministry’s spiritual leader, usually the senior pastor or executive director, should make it a priority to motivate and support development staff. Unfortunately, many leaders are unable or unwilling to provide the kind of encouragement and support that fundraisers need. This may be because leaders don’t understand the grammar or exigencies of fundraising, or harbor beliefs that fundraisers put the ministry’s image at risk by being too aggressive or crass. Leaders should equip themselves to come alongside fundraisers and reinforce clear, compelling asks that help donors make their giving decisions. This starts with projecting an inspiring vision and making sure that all stakeholders share it.

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Leveraging Ministry

It’s important for the spiritual leader of the ministry to take time to motivate and support the development team, to encourage them in their ministry of development, to share how crucial their efforts are in fulfilling the mission.

 Development workers need to understand that by going into development, they have not left “ministry.” In fact, through the money they raise, they are actually leveraging more ministry, reaching more people, making a greater impact. If indeed they have the gifts to thrive as development workers, they are making a greater contribution to the ministry than they could by other means! Raising money for a ministry that successfully spreads the Gospel means the development worker shares in a tremendous harvest — far greater than anything he could have accomplished on his own, or that the ministry could have accomplished without his development work.

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