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The 3 Questions

Challenge: Spend time in every staff meeting for the next year working on your answers to these three questions:

  1. How has God called us to serve?
  2. Who has God called us to serve?
  3. How will we know when we are serving according to God’s will for our ministry?

Thoughtful, detailed answers to these questions for your church or ministry will get to the heart of what you are supposed to be doing, who you are being called to reach, and how you will know when you are succeeding in God’s will. Continue reading The 3 Questions

Mis-Branded by Association

Sometimes your best branding efforts can be undermined if you are perceived a priori as part of something the reader thinks is a bad or questionable thing. The only thing to do is avoid reference to the association, even if it hurts.

This recent column in the New York Times provides insightful commentary on the problem of being an evangelical Christian in our time. Here is a secular writer lamenting the distrust between evangelicals and secular aid agencies that prevent partnerships between them.

I know from my own experience what harm the evangelical label can do even to a large ministry. Continue reading Mis-Branded by Association


Ever since God assigned Man the job of naming all the creatures, we have been branding things. My recent work in helping to re-brand a large, well-established ministry has shown me there’s  a lot more to branding than the name. But it does start with the name. What do you hope that people will think, feel, and see in their mind’s eye when they hear your ministry’s name? If you want them to zero in immediately on what you’re all about, you create a highly descriptive name like “The First Southern Baptist Church of Springfield at Second and Main.” Probably too specific. If you’re looking to evoke a need that your ministry addresses, you might try “Living Water for the World.” See? I mean, can you see the mission in the name?