Ever since God assigned Man the job of naming all the creatures, we have been branding things. My recent work in helping to re-brand a large, well-established ministry has shown me there’s  a lot more to branding than the name. But it does start with the name. What do you hope that people will think, feel, and see in their mind’s eye when they hear your ministry’s name? If you want them to zero in immediately on what you’re all about, you create a highly descriptive name like “The First Southern Baptist Church of Springfield at Second and Main.” Probably too specific. If you’re looking to evoke a need that your ministry addresses, you might try “Living Water for the World.” See? I mean, can you see the mission in the name?

Vision, Mission and Values

Many hours are spent in meetings, offsite retreats, and coffee conversations talking through vision, mission and values. And so often the results are less than stunning. Here are some ideas to make your process and the results more productive. Continue reading Vision, Mission and Values

Who in Heaven’s name are you?

Question 1. How has God called you to serve? And who? And how?

You must avoid the temptation to think you really know the answer to this question. Keep asking it again and again over time. Make sure those you lead can easily share the answer with those they serve and meet. Knowing who you are in the mind of God is the first key to serving him as he intended for you.

The 3 Questions

There are only 3 questions you need to ask to generate all the right ideas about marketing your church or ministry. I’ll be developing these themes here on Ministry and Marketing in the future:

  • How has God called us to serve?
  • Who has God called us to serve?
  • How do we spell obedience?

Thoughtful, detailed answers for your ministry will get to the heart of what you are supposed to be doing, who you are being called to reach, and how you will know when you are in God’s will.


That’s what we marketeers do, isn’t it? We get the word out, rally the audience to action, exhort the people out of their pews! Don’t we?

Well, we try.

Ministry & Marketing explores that place where the Kingdom and the Community overlap. The community of believers and non-believers, our neighbors in Jerusalam, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the Earth. With precepts and examples, we talk together for the greater good of all who proclaim God’s Word and the acts of God’s people.

We are many-denominational and from anywhere. The Internet fixes that. But we share our call to proclaim, like Gabriel, the Good News.